Gregory's Creative Cuisine has been
proudly serving the St. Louis area for 26
years. Whether you are looking for a
caterer for a corporate event, party,
wedding or other special occasion, Chef
Gregory and his team can assist you in
creating an event that will be remembered.
When selecting a caterer for your next
event you want to be sure that the food
will be creative and delicious, the décor will
be amazing and your guests will be
impressed. You want to be assured that
every detail is taken care of. You want a
caterer with a proven track record and
years of experience in complex and detailed
special events.
At Gregory’s Creative Cuisine we
understand that our attention to detail and
excellence is the key to our success and
the reason why so many of our clients turn
to us time and time again. At Gregory’s
Creative Cuisine, we don’t just create an
event, we create an experience.
4700 Adkins Avenue  -  St.Louis, Missouri 63316  -  314.481.4481

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