Our goal at Gregory's catering is to provide children with a hot
nutritious luncheon that they will enjoy and eat. No more
lunches in the trash, no more trading lunch items with others,
and no more just eating desserts or snack foods.

• Special provisions are available for: organic, free range,
peanut allergies, religious accommodations, vegetarians,
lactose intolerance or other dietary needs.

• All foods will be transported in new, insulated cambro
containers that will keep the hot food hot. All members of
Gregory's staff are licensed, insured, bonded and vaccinated.
Gregory's will provide a certificate letter of insurance for liability
for your school, if needed.

• Please review our sample menus and call if you would like
further information. You may call any of the schools listed
below for information, or Chef Gregory can set up a time to
meet you at your convenience
4700 Adkins Avenue  -  St.Louis, Missouri 63316  -  314.481.4481

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