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Passed Butler style or
Build your own buffet (minimum 6 items)

~ Poultry & Meat ~
Chicken potstickers with soy ginger glaze
Quesedilla with grilled chicken,trio of peppers,Chihuahua cheese
Mini meatball sliders with marinara and provolone
Carmelized applewood bacon bites
Button mushrooms with fennel sausage, with red currant sauce
Tarragon chicken salad with red grapes in crispy phyllo cup

~ Vegetarian ~
Homemade honey bee pretzel bites, spicy mustard, cheese dips
Corn fritter with honey chipotle mayo on Asian spoons
Grilled pita triangle with spinach artichoke, goat cheese
Crispy phyllo cup with kalamata olives, hummus, feta cheese
Shot glass with chili glazed French green beans
Veggie shot carrot,celery,green bean,cucumber,garlic tomato,curry chive
Button mushroom stuffed with spinach florentine, shaved parmesan
Dates with herb goat cheese, spiced pecans
Mini falafel on pita triangle with cucumber, feta, dill sauce
Risotto balls with marinara and fresh basil
Trio of grilled cheese panini with roasted tomato relish
Mini pizzas with plum tomatoes,mozzerella,provel,oregano

$2.50 per guest

~ Poultry & Meat ~
Grilled bourbon chicken bites,roasted red pepper cream and peanut sauce
Jerk chicken skewer, mango salsa
Herb crostini, beef brisket, horseradish potatoes
Thai bbq chicken piza, smoked gouda
Finnish potatoes stuffed with smoked bacon, fontina cheese and thyme
Pork belly skewers with Asian dipping sauces
Rosemary pork lollipops

~ Vegetarian ~
Crimini mushrooms, goat cheese, couscous, toasted pine nuts
Strawberries stuffed with Boursin cheese and opal basil
Homemade Idaho potato chippers, truffle aioli, Chinese chives
Flaky pastry with ragout of wild mushrooms,brandy cream

~ Seafood ~
Shrimp and corn fritter, honey chipotle mayo
Crab Rangoon peach sweet and sour sauce
Salmon cakes, citrus aioli, peppedew relish
Mini fish tacos, crunchy slaw, corn and tomato salsa

$3.50 per guest

~ Poultry & Meat ~
Mini chicken wellingtons, morel cream
Herb toast brie, beef tenderloin, red roquefort
Rosemary skewered beef tenderloin, horseradish cream
Sayersbrook bison tartar on Idaho potato wafer, truffle aioli
Duck tacos, watercress, chimichurri

~ Seafood ~
Jumbo shrimp cocktail, lemons
Strawberry shrimp tempura
Sesame tuna with wasabi cream
Crispy coconut shrimp
New England crab cakes, red pepper aioli
Mini Maine lobster roll, citrus cream
Russian blini, Irish smoked salmon,dill cream,chives
House made gravlax with fennel, dill, sea salt on rye toasts
Tuna/Salmon tartar, wonton chips, wasabi cream

$4.50 per guest