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~ Menu One ~
Italian salad with red pepper, red onion, parmesan,
black olives, croutons with oregano vinaigrette
Herb rolls layered with smoked turkey, smoked Gouda,
tomato, roasted garlic aioli, potato chips
Basket of fresh vegetables
mini carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, cherry tomato, red potato, celery sticks
curry chive mayo dipping sauce
Triangles of grilled cheese with basil pesto or crostini with curried egg salad
Selection of fresh baked cookies
Fresh seasonal fruit with a hint of Gran Marnier

$10.80 per guest

~ Menu Two ~
Sun-dried tomato lavash stuffed with lettuce, smoked turkey,
smoked gouda, garlic aioli and carrot honey, tortilla chips
Baby spinach leaves with feta, red onion, mandarin oranges,
spiced pecans and poppy seed dressing
Chilled pasta salad with fresh basil, black olives, red peppers, citrus oil
Red tomato stuffed with albacore tuna salad and fresh lime
Skewers of fresh fruit with almond sauce
Selection of fresh baked cookies

$14.25 per guest