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~ Assorted Mini's ~

Small wedding cake ( supplied by bakery)

Selection of fresh baked cookies
Mexican wedding cookies
White chocolate macadamia nut
Cranberry, oatmeal, honey, blueberries
Dark chocolate chunk

Dark chocolate profiteroles
Maple glazed pineapple on sugarcane skewer
Strawberry Topiary, brown sugar, crème fraiche with mint
Phyllo cups with key lime mousse, coconut
Mini cups with tiramisu cheesecake
Mini crème brulees – Vanilla bean, Kahlua and chocolate / Raspberry
cheddar cubes, fontina, crackers, grapes, berries

coffee cream, sugar, equal, raw sugar
mints, whipped cream, chocolate stirrers
chocolate espresso beans, lemon zest, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks